ARHA & NeRHA Memberships

Anyone is eligible to be a member and participate in NeRHA shows and events unless stated on advertisements. Members are rewarded by receiving discounts at shows, special event opportunities and year end awards. You do not need to join the ARHA in order to join the NeRHA!

NeRHA memberships track points in all divisions, ARHA and NeRHA, and provides local year end awards to members. Open classes that do not have ARHA in the title will not require any memberships or certifications, but can still qualify for year end awards to NeRHA members. 

ARHA membership and ARHA horse certification is REQUIRED for eligibility to show in ARHA classes. Joining the ARHA will provide opportunities for participation at national ARHA events, as well as national horse/rider points and awards.

Nebraska Ranch Horse Annual Membership Levels

Family – $40  |  Individual – $25  |  Youth: 13 and Under – $15  |  Youth: 14 to 18 – $15