Show Rules


NeRHA Horse Show Rules:

  • ARHA rules will be used as guidelines, unless it is an ARHA official class.  Then ARHA rules will be officially followed.  Refer to the ARHA website under FORMS for the official ARHA rulebook.
  • Breed registered horses may be ARHA registered at the show with a rush fee.  Grade horses can also be registered at the show at the discretion of show management with a rush fee.
  • NeRHA and 4H classes do not require any memberships or registrations.
  • ARHA classes require ARHA membership and ARHA horse certification.
  • NeRHA membership enrolls you in NeRHA year end awards.
  • The decisions of the judges / management will be final.
  • Out of state horses must have a coggins within 12 months and a valid health certificate within 30 days of the event.
  • Safety is extremely important.  Show management and Ring Steward have the ability to remove any unsafe horses and participants at any time.
  • Dogs are not covered under the NeRHA insurance.  Dogs are not allowed in arena venues.  Dogs may be on grounds if on a leash and supervised.  Fines of $100 to competitors may be applied if dog rules are not followed.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct by any exhibitor, trainer or rider will not be tolerated.  Inhumane treatment, cruelty, or abuse of a horse anywhere on the show grounds by any person is forbidden.  Violators will be excused from the arena and/ or the horse show.
  • The ARHA and NeRHA NO SHOW LIST will be enforced and those listed will not be allowed on the show grounds.  These lists can be found on the ARHA and NeRHA websites as well as at the show office.  Additional fines of $100 may be added to these competitors and/ or their trainers, trainees, family, ect.
  • Hired cattle help are used to ensure all competitors are getting equal cattle advantages.  Hired cattle help will move cattle in and out of the arena, settle herds and hold corners.  Turnback help will be the responsibility of the competitor.  If approved by show management, competitors may help move and settle cattle outside of the classes that they are showing in.  
  • Additional competitors will not be allowed in the show arena while a competition is showing unless stated by show management.  A secondary arena line and gate may be added inside the arena to facilitate a waiting/ watching area for competitors.  This will be utilized so that there is not a build up of people and horses near an arena entrance as a safety precaution. 
  • Judges, ring stewards and show management are responsible for safety in the arena.  They have the right to excuse any unsafe exhibitor/ horse.

Classes / Eligibility Rules:

  • NeRHA membership is not required, but will provide eligibility for NeRHA year end awards.
  • Any breed or grade horse is eligible to participate in the open all-breed classes.  
  • ARHA classes require ARHA horse certification.  
    • Certification is a lifetime registration for any registered or grade stock type horse.  Grade horses must not be gaited and must be over 14 hands.  Grade horses may be certified at the show at the discretion and review of show management.
  • Patterns and show information will be posted on the NeRHA website
  • Cattle Classes will be by pre-entry only as the cattle are a limited resource and ordered based off of entries.
  • Class Adds MUST be done AT THE OFFICE.  The gate keeper / ring steward will not take adds.  Any exhibitor who enters a class they have not formally entered may be subject to an additional $5 office fee. Adds must be done at least 1 class before the class being entered.
  • Class Scratches should be done at the office.  The gate keeper / ring steward may also take scratches if it is the current class.  Scratches will not be refunded money unless there is a note from a vet or done prior to the start of the show each day.  Substitutes can be utilized on a case by case basis.
  • Exhibitors must be ready at the gate and enter the arena promptly at the request of the gate keeper / ring steward.  If the exhibitor is not ready at the gate for their entry, the ring steward has the right to scratch the exhibitor.  If there is an on-deck orange traffic cone present, the on-deck exhibitor must be standing near the cone for the gatekeeper to locate.
  • All classes and exhibitors will be shown in the order of the Exhibitors Order of Go List, unless arranged with the show office or stated as an AT WILL class.
  • Announcers per ARHA rules may announce an exhibitor that is entering the arena, their horse and the horse’s owner.
    • Announcers will routinely call the current class and the upcoming class.  They will not be calling for exhibitors as it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to be present.
    • Announcers will routinely announce class results once they receive them from the judges.
  • Judges will have scribes. Time keepers may be assigned if required.  It is the judges’ responsibility to ensure all scoresheets and judging cards are complete and accurate before sending them to the announcer.  The arena timing is run by show management and the judges.  If additional time is needed by the judge, a class break will be allowed.
    • After results are announced, the results will be recorded by the show secretary and then posted for exhibitors.

  • NeRHA shows will be utilizing the program to organize all shows